Friday, December 3, 2010

Here it is Friday all ready! It is a little after 6 and Russ is on the way to get the trailer hooked up. It is being taken to the RV Center here in town to have a different hitch put on. This one gives a smoother ride. I had just got everything where I wanted it and then had to take everything off the counters. We will put it back on the lot tonight and then not move it until the 17. We have reservations at Huntsville for Anna's graduation.

I got a little 2 foot tree yesterday to put in the trailer. Don't think I like it so I may get a different one. It just isn't pretty!! If it wasn't so windy at the park I would use the big one on the patio. It is windy and helicopters goes over all the time! The breaks of being on a army post! LOL

Do you have your shopping done??? I did real good until lately!!! I have Anna's mostly done now, the Bradley's, Danielle almost done, Mike almost done, Trice almost done. Nothing for Anthony or Russ. Anthony will be easy - Best Buy gift card!!! I have no idea for Russ. Every time I think of something , I tell one of the kids to get it!!! He is super hard to get for. There is nothing he really wants!

I still have to go shopping for Tuesday nights COP party. I hate buying toys! Then I have to get something to fix. Everyone says make Pink Stuff so guess that is it!!! I may make deviled eggs too.

Well, the washer is calling me! I hate laundry days!!! You all have a great week end!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Texas Grandma Has Moved!

If you are looking for Enid, due to technical difficulties, lol, her blog now lives here:

See you there!